About us

"Business Park of the Old Levee (Liepājas speciālās ekonomiskās zonas SIA "Vecās Ostmalas Biznesa Parks") Ltd. is a new industrial and office space developer in Liepaja and the aim of our business is to find a competitive infrastructure solutions for both new and already existing businesses to expand their activities.The Park is built on bases of the former wood processing plant “Baltija” and furniture factory “Erke”.

Business Park offers the following cooperation models:

  • Rental of existing manufacturing/warehouse and office space
  • Designing and construction of new space
  • The total area is 3.06 ha of which currently rental room area is 4 600 sq.m. which we are planning to increase to 17 000 sq.m. in the next few years.


Business Park of the Old Levee is located in the territory of Liepaja Special Economic Zone (SEZ), which gives companies the opportunity to acquire the status of Liepaja SEZ Corporation or Liepaja Free Zone Corporation, thereby receiving direct and indirect tax breaks.


  • Tax relief LSEZ
  • Favorable rental prices
  • Location - city center, as well as beneficial to the internal and external transport logistics in Liepaja
  • Utilities and management availability